rod clark
is creative



I have designed for sectors including museums, magazines, fashion, corporate identity, publishing, retail, interiors, cultural, NGO, corporate communications, annual reports and SMEs. Have practiced, taught design and been a maker for 35 years.


Studied Visual Communication at Bath Academy of Art, an independent school, and further at the Royal College of Art in London.



I function in an open and transparent manner balancing confidence and humility. Applying analysis and intuition equally I always aim for cohesion and precision and for all work to have a functional and expressive aspect.


I do four things; graphic formgiving for communication design, writing on design, making art and teaching. These 4 activities feed each other in a virtuous circle, each can inform the other three to a greater or lesser extent.


Making typographical solutions that use complex material. Art-editing, selecting and composing images. Creating new symbols, iconography and signs, the manipulation of 2D forms, and mapping over 3D forms.


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