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Paintings      £
Set 1             55/ 65/ 75
Set 2             35
Set 3             40
Set 4             135
Set 5             185
Set 6             285
Set 7             130
Set 8             365
Set 9             45
Set 10           45

Prints (cm)
23 x 23          27
21 x 30          25
40 x 50          55
50 x 50          75
50 x 70          85
59 x 84         125


Due to the extensive, and growing, range of Tatamigrams available it is not possible to provide a standard Shop model in which each Work is listed as a separate product.

Instead the Shop shows each of the 10 Painting Sets as a separate product. Prints are likewise a single product - the choosing of size is made from a drop-down menu.

So when you go through checkout you will be buying 'blanks' in effect.

First make your selection of the Works required
e.g. 4x Set 1, with  Flush Ply Support (FPS)
The drop-down menu shows framing options and discounts for multi-purchases. 

Add them to your cart and complete the payment procedure. At this point you will have ordered 4 of Painting Set 1 but without specifying their actual Titles. After checkout you will receive a confirmation email from the store. Shortly after you will receive an email direct from me requesting the Work Titles and any Frame Colour specifications. You can copy and paste the pre-formatted Order List from my email into your reply and add the Titles of the works required (shown below in bold). ie

Order List:
Item      Product                         Title           
1            Set 1  305mm FPS       TG 4a
2            Set 1  305mm FPS       TG 16b
3            Set 1  305mm FPS       TG 33c
4            Set 1  305mm FPS       TG 42a

Please do double-check the Titles are correct before sending your reply. On receipt of your reply your order will be complete and fulfillment will begin.

Discounts are available for multiple purchases. See details for each product in the Shop


You can save money on multiple purchases of a type of work. These reductions are shown in Product Option Dropdown menu.


I welcome commissions for paintings. It is a complex enough series of works but I understand buyers may always want to make their purchases unique. Please do get in touch if you have any questions regarding what design can be applied to what Painting Set(s). There is a logic to this but it is verging on the labyrinthine.

Custom prints can be commissioned eg any 2 square designs in a 2-Up layout, or any 4 square designs in a 2x2 layout. These can be visualised and this service adds a small amount to the price.

You can also commission a Tatamigram work that is unique, ie a Shape that will be exclusively yours and unavailable to any other purchaser. Please get in touch to discuss.

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